I have had several types of fevers in my life. So far there’s been, rheumatic fever, baby fever, cabin fever; and now there’s Kwanzaa fever!

This will be our 3rd year celebrating Kwanzaa. Well, our 1st year could hardly be called a celebration. It was Christmas at the family home but I had an itch to teach my son (and myself) about Kwanzaa. So, we generally read about it and did some printed activities. I bought him Kwanzaa themed gifts on several days to which he was delighted.

The second year, we had just moved in with hubby and his daughter was visiting for their Annual Festival of the Blood (more on that later). This time around, I had two other adults actually interested in Kwanzaa who could also care less about Christmas decorations. I went as full fledged Kwanzaa as possible for a newbie in a 95% white town. Let’s just say our decor was interesting. I made a Powerpoint presentation about the history, picture frames for the 7 principles, and we even had themed music.

Now, it’s year 3 and I’m proud to say my son is looking forward to it. Not more than me though! I just started pre-planning and I am freaking EXCITED! Listen, I done took the whole week off work! I am so serious about this. I mean come on ya’ll- Unity, Self Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, Faith – this is some GOOD STUFF to instill in our children!

Listen, if you don’t know about Kwanzaa or you’re even vaguely curious it’s worth a Google session. It is a non-religious holiday and it is amazing! Do it for the kids! You can celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa without conflict – it starts the day after.

Lastly, you seasoned Kwanzaa celebrators: do not laugh at my struggle pic. Thank you.



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