I moved to Rhode Island in 2016 with my son and away from our family. We landed in a place that is about 95% white, entirely lacking a local network of black people that we know and trust. My son was longing for more socialization and I struggled to find scenarios that fit our culture and values.

The way I figured it: as I progress on this journey of raising a black boy, strengthening the RBG culture in my home, and trying to connect with like-minded black people; I would start building a space for other Mothers of Black Boys like me. Maybe it will help someone else in a similar situation. My short-term goal is to simply start creating content from my current perspective. My long term goal is to have created a fruitful and functional space that has attracted a healthy MOBB.

Go ahead and open up the menu – you’ll find links to black consciousness resources, black owned business, and my blog. If you are of like mind then connect and commune with me!