How I Became a Panafricanist

If you seek the truth and the clarity of consciousness, then you must abandon false notions that non-African religion has indoctrinated you with, and see reality for what it really is. As a first-generation American of Haitian-descent, I wasn’t really taught about racism/white-supremacy by my family in the way that many ADOS were taught. […]

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Let’s try this again

“Just don’t give up what you’re trying to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” – Ella Fitzgerald It’s been almost a year since my last piece.  I’ve been consistently inconsistent with this blog thing. Including my first piece in October of 2017, I’ve only published a whopping […]

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Let me get these coinssss

I would like to be my own boss someday and, though our household has started two family owned businesses, hubby and I are still full time workers. I just obtained my associate degree to help support my career track of 10 years. This degree qualifies me to obtain additional certifications and start maximizing my earning […]

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It’s likely this post will expose my growing deficit of popular culture aptitude… but who doesn’t like a good exposé?? So this black woman I follow on Instagram posted a picture with some BOMB ASS SHADES on. They were chunky with horizontal RBG color-blocking… but the material was like a gel see-through and they looked […]

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Transformers: Meals in Disguise

This evening, dinner was left-overs from last night, reinvented in a fresh way. I dub thee – Transformative Meals! It helps me keep the kiddo and hubby interested in dinner while balancing my never-ending task list. Yesterday, it was hand-breaded chicken tenders, with home-made fries and a side salad —-> next meal: wrap the salad, […]

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Dope! For kids or yourself!

I bought a pack of black history flash cards while my son was away for the summer. I had imagined lining his bedroom wall with posters of black personalities he needs to be familiar with… but it hadn’t happened yet in lieu of my chronic procrastination. So, when Urban Intellectuals popped up on my Facebook […]

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I have had several types of fevers in my life. So far there’s been, rheumatic fever, baby fever, cabin fever; and now there’s Kwanzaa fever! This will be our 3rd year celebrating Kwanzaa. Well, our 1st year could hardly be called a celebration. It was Christmas at the family home but I had an itch […]

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